Reflection: Magi volume 1

Magi 1

Most nights before I go to bed I spend some time watching different Vloggers on YouTube, and from some of the Anime and manga channels I get most of my recommendations. Others come from some readers of this blog who have recommended series to me. Magi is one of the series I first heard of from Youtube. I had taken note of the series after seeing several people discuss it online, and when I finally saw volume one in a shop, I had to pick it up.

The first volume of this series introduces the readers to the main characters and brings the story to a start. Aladdin, with his stuck in a jar djinn Ugo, meet Alibaba while travelling in a cart. Alibaba tells Aladdin of the stories of the dungeons which have appeared all around the world. It is said that they all contain great riches which can be collected by whoever can conquer the dungeon. Filled with mysterious beasts and tests, very few have ever returned from a dungeon once they have entered. The new acquaintances agree to team-up in hopes of finding their very own treasure.

My Opinion:
I really enjoyed reading the start of this series. Magi is a classic story of an unlikely duo working together to find riches beyond either of their imaginations. The story really sucked me in from the start, and made me laugh quite a lot while reading. And I mean laugh out loud in the literal sense. It’s the simply things really. One chapter follows Alibaba showing Aladdin around the market as they buy all the equipment they need for their expedition to the dungeon, only for it to be revealed to be across the street from Alibaba’s home. The characters have been introduced very well, giving the readers a reasonable description of the types of people they are. The illustrations as well are simply sublime. Not the best manga illustration, but very well suited to the series in my opinion.

I just ordered volumes two and three today and can’t wait to read them. I think that most manga readers would enjoy this series, and recommend it to anyone who reads this. I will have more posts on this series posted in due course and really look forward to reading more.

As I mentioned above, I get a lot of my recommendations from you guys, so if you have any recommendations, let me know what they are and what you like about it. You can get a reasonable idea of what I’m reading now from my post on my manga collection. I’ll be away for a couple days from now, but I will be back and promise some more manga posts when I return.

Talk to you all soon