First Impression: Seraph of the End


This is a series that is currently running in Shonen Jump. I know I’m doing reflections on a lot of Shone Jump series right now, but give it some time and I’ll sort out some subscriptions to other magazines in the near future. In yesterdays post I said that Maoh: Juvenile remix had everything you want from a Shonen Manga. There is one thing missing, Vampires.



Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign begins in a future world where a virus has killed off all humans over the age of thirteen. The children who have survived this virus outbreak have been imprisoned by vampires who harvest their blood. The main character, Yu, is a twelve your old orphan who has been living in the Vampire World for four years. Yu is determined that one day he can become strong enough to overthrow the vampires despite his friends telling him it’s impossible. When one of his friends reveals his plans to escape, Yu is talked into joining his escape and lead all the other children from his orphanage out of the vampire’s kingdom.


My Opinion:

In my opinion I think that Seraph of the End has some potential as a series and I look forward to reading on in the future to catch up to the publication. Serialization began early thi

s year in Shonen Jump and it appears to be well received. I’ll give a better evaluation of the series in a couple days once I have a few chapters read over. I’m interested to see what direction the series is planning to take and how the main character can defeat the vampires.



The story is very interesting but I’m not too keen on the artwork. For me though the story is far more important and as such I’m put off at all by the art style. Check this series out, or if you already have leave a comment in the space bellow letting me know what you make of the first chapter.