Reflection: Deadman Wonderland vol. 1

Manga: Deadman Wonderland

Story / Illustrations: Jinsei Kataoka / Kazuma Kondou

Publisher: Viz Media

 Deadman Wonderand 1

Following on from where I left off with my First Impressions post (check it out if you want to see more of what Deadman Wonderland is) we get more of an idea of what the series is going to be like.


The first point worth mentioning after the first chapter is the revelation of the ‘Cast Points’, or CP, which are used as a form of currency for the prisoners in Deadman Wonderland. CP is acquired through the prisoners actions in the events put on for the tourists, such as races (which I will get to soon). These CP can be exchanged for better food at meals and buying other commodities within the prison. Critically, CP is needed to buy a ‘candy’ every three days. These candies contain an antidote to a poison injected into a prisoner from their collars. If a candy is not consumed every three days then the prisoner will die. This increases the tension between the prisoners and their need to gain CP. We see in one case where a prisoner is holding another hostage in an attempt to get a candy, but subsequently dies as a result of the poison.


The next thing we see in the first volume is the main characters first experience of a ‘Dog Race Show’. This is one of the events which is put on for tourists who visit Deadman Wonderland.  The event is a deadly race between prisoners through a dangerous track full of obstacles which are likely to kill those competing. Ganta enters the race in hopes of earning the CP he needs in order to buy a candy. The race scene is fantastic and holds the reader’s attention greatly.


I can see this series really growing out from here and like I said in the previous post the concept is really intriguing. The need to earn CP in order to receive a candy really adds to the tension in the series. Similar series could see several characters who would try to stay under the radar which cannot happen. The prisoners are forced the compete against one another, or face death. The mystery of the Red man is also really interesting as it seems that everyone else knows about him except for Ganta.


I’m excited to continue reading this series, and know that I will be keeping up with the series as it continues once caught up. For more about Deadman Wonderland check out the blog ‘Manga Niche’ from who I was recommended the series. Link Below.



Manga Niche:


Deadman Wonderland available at:


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