Reflection: Btooom! vol. 5

btooom 5

-Btooom! Volume 5

-Junya Inoue

-Yen Press

Volume five of Btooom! starts out with a three chapter background of Himiko. The readers discover the history of her distrust of men, both on and off of the island. It is also revealed why she was sent to the island, by nomination of her ‘friends’ as she mentioned earlier in the series. I didn’t care too much for this part. I think it could have been shorter than the three chapters Inoue dedicated to it and that the graphics in a couple of the scenes at a little too much.

Anyway, the series regular returns after this sort of side story. We rejoin Sakamoto and Himiko in the abandoned medical centre after the fight with Natsume and Miyamoto. They decide it is too late to try and return to their camp where Taira was left waiting for them. The find a safe room to sleep but in the middle of the night Himiko is awakened by what she calls a ‘ghost’. After a long period of time searched the centre the pair finally uncover a hideout occupied by a mysterious woman who cannot be detected by their radar.

Overall, didn’t care much for this volume. I think the extent of the Himiko’s background is a little over the top, but hey that what’s the mangaka wanted, and so be it. Anyway, the series as a whole is still awesome so its not enough at all to make me stop reading it.


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First Impressions: Stealth Symphony, Chapter 1


Stealth Symphony is another new series that has just started in Shonen Jump in the last few weeks. The story for this one has been written by Ryohgo Narita (Durarara!!) and illustrated by Yoichi Amano.

Chapter one of this series follows Jig, who sets out on a quest to Jinbo-cho to find someone who can break his curse. Jig’s curse being that a life support system he was given while ill as a child has the capability to prevent any harm to him, and redirect it twice fold to where it came from. This has resulted in the abandonment of Jig by his family and being shut out of the social community of his home town. The first chapter finds Jig arriving in the town on Jinbo-cho and hiring a security guard, an invisible man by the name of Troma Yabusame, to protect those around him as he searches for a sorcerer who can break his curse.

The story in chapter one was alright. It’s interesting, but in all honesty didn’t leave much of a lasting impression. I’ll read on for now for the purpose of a second review, but I don’t think I would have any missed feelings if I stopped reading from here. By all means do go check it out if your interested in this sort of story, it’s probably just not to my taste.