Catch up: Maoh Juvenile Remix

Maoh juvenile Remix

This is now the third time I’ve had to post this because wordpress messed up the publishing. Sorry guys.


Since  my last posting about Maoh: Juvenile Remix I have actually read volumes 6, 7 and 8. That leaves just volumes 9 and 10 until the series in completed. Since I didn’t get a reflection up on these three volumes I thought I would post a short summary of what’s been going on in the series. This post is full of spoilers, so if you don’t want to read them, leave now.


Volume six kicks off with Ando finally starting to seek out where he can confront Inukai and have their final battle. The first half of the volume shows a bit more of the relationship between Ando and Junya (his little brother) hinting that he may actually become an important character soon (he does). As Ando continues his preparation for his showdown with Inukai, the bartender decides that it is time for Ando to be killed so he can’t cause any more problems for the Grasshoppers. An epic battle commences as the two attempt to use their powers to kill the other. The volume ends as it appears that Ando has defeated and killed the bartender at last.


He didn’t. Volume seven sees the public rally finally starting and Ando is there to put an end to Inukai’s reign at last.

He doesn’t. The bartender returns and kills Ando before he has the chance to use his ventriloquism. Yeah that’s right, they brought back one of the biggest assholes in the series, from the dead, so he can kill of the main character.  After Ando’s death the story shifts focus to Junya (told you he would eventually become relevant). Junya attempts to seek out the truth of what his brother was doing and what he belived in so much he gave up his life for. He tracks down Semi and questions him and his boss. He gets a few answers, but not as much as he really needs.


In volume eight Junya continues his search for answers to what happened to his brother. He discovers a link between Ando and the bartender that he decides needs investigating. He pretends to be interested in joining the Grasshoppers so that he can arrange a meeting with the bartender. Armed with a baseball bat, Junya arrives at the meeting point with the bartender, only to see him get hit by a bus  before he can ask any questions. Junya spots a main having pushed the bartender and decides to follow him. (the asshole who returned from the dead before and killed the main character in the series seriously just got hit by a bus and killed, as a result of an attack from an assassin (and I’m not joking here) called ‘The Pusher’. what a slap in the fucking face to the readers). After following ‘The Pusher’ home, Junya befriends him and his family who help him to use his own power like Ando did. What’s his power you might be asking? He can predict the result of a game of chance, meaning he always wins in rock-paper-scissors and coin flips. I can see this being a little more useful than Ando’s ventriloquism, but not by much.



All and all, this series is becoming more and more frustrating as I read it. But I think that’s actually got me wanting to read on to the end. Expect a reflection on volume 9 soon and the final series review after that.


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