Reflection: Maoh: Juvenile Remix, volume 5


For anyone who hasn’t heard about his series or read my previous posts about it, Maoh: Juvenile Remix is a series about a city which is struggling to come to terms with modernity. In the worst possible way. Basically, an American company teamed up with the city’s mayor has forced people from their homes and businesses to shut down so that they can build what they call the ‘New Urban Centre’. The citizens are left feeling the blunt as hundreds are made unemployed as they watch their livelihoods be ripped apart. Feeding off the anger of the people an organisation called ‘the Grasshoppers’ has risen up lead by a young man called Inukai. Inukai aims to destroy the project at any means. Unable to accept the actions of the Grasshoppers, the series’ main character Ando becomes conflicted as he cannot justify the actions of either side.



We kick volume 5 off with members of grasshopper lighting the elderly couple who Anderson has been working for house on fire. A mob gathers to watch Anderson and the couple die, only to see him walk out of the flames carrying the man. Ando and Junya appear on the scene and after some confrontation with the mob they enter the burning house to rescue the woman. Ando uses his ventriloquism power to turn the mob against itself, giving them time to escape.

Meanwhile, Semi’s job of protecting the Mayor becomes more challenging as countless assassins have been sent to kill him. Semi tries his best to protect the mayor, killing his way through his hotel, but in the end it is all for nothing. Another assassin has been waiting for the mayor in his room and using a power of his own convinces the mayor to kill himself by jumping from the top floor of the hotel. Semi comes face to face with this unknown ‘suicider’ and has to fight to resist illusions that have been set onto him by this man.

Following the fire Ando accepts that he can no longer sit back watch as innocent people are put in harm’s way and do nothing. He decrees that he will defeat Inukai using his ability. A short time skip then occurs and he rejoin Ando a month later on the trail of Inukai and planning how he will confront him. Just as he is about to give up Ando discovers that Inukai will be at a Grasshopper rally in six days and decides that this will be when their battle will begin.


My Opinion:

I knew this series had some good potential. The first four volumes were really nothing special, but everything is starting to kick off now, and I can’t wait to see how Ando is going to confront Inukai at the rally. The story lines are all starting to be drawn in together with Ando and Semi once crossing paths once again. Junya has finally had an impact on the story, up until now he was just kind of whining and annoying. The illustrations in this volume are amazing, especially the fight scenes between Semi and the other assassins. Also, the character designs of the people in the mob at the fire was very good too. All in all, I was very happy with volume five and I’m looking forward to the next one.




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