Reflection: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Volume 1


Volume one only actually has three chapters in it, and since I already wrote a post about Chapter 1, It probably should not have taken so long to get this post up. In the end, however, it has.



Chapter two begins with Lelouch reflecting back on what happened in Chapter one. Literally one chapter in and we are getting flashbacks already. Anyway, we have another run in with the Student Self-defence Force at the academy, who essentially are the schools equivalent of the Britanian Army. Kallen is revealed as being a member of the rebellion and almost gets caught by the Students self-defence force while they are at the academy. Kallen and her comrades escape with the assistance of Lelouch giving instructions over a radio. In the next chapter Kallen seeks out who it was that helped her and suspects that it was Lelouch. Just when she is about to confront him, she receives a phone call from one who did help her. She realises that it wasn’t Lelouch and ends up joining the students council to not appear suspicious. As you do. The voice on the phone however was Lelouch who used his Geass to his advantage and get someone else to call Kallen and with a recorded message. Lelouch then sets about the first steps of his plan and kills his half-brother Clovis, the viceroy of Area 11. At the end of the volume Lelouch assumes the identity of his alterego, Zero, and his his first face to face meeting with Kallen.


My Opinion:

There are a few differences in these chapters from the Anime, which I watched some time ago. I don’t remember the Student Self-Defence Force being in the Anime and similarly Suzaku wasn’t in the Academy at the start of the series. In the series the Academy is for Britanians only and it is a big deal when Suzaku starts to attend. However, in the manga the Academy has a mixture of Britanians and Japanese students, who each have their own student force who fight. It’s mentioned in the first chapter that the Academy existed before the invasion. I don’t have anything to complain about it this volume yet, overall I really enjoyed it, as I knew that I would.



If you have no experience of Code Geass, where have you been? Go check it out. The Anime is one of the most popular series ever made and the manga seems as though its going to be pretty good. The story is really interesting and there are so many spin-off series. Of which I was asked in a comment on the last post if I will be doing reflections on them too. Right now I’m only planning Lelouch of the Rebellion and Suzaku of the Counterattack. However, I am open to continuing on to other series if anyone wants me too.





  1. I remember thinking this part was pure genius and loved watching the development of Lelouch’s alter ego Zero. The way he killed Clovis was a surprise in particular; up to that point I’d considered Lelouch cold and calculating but the murder of his half-brother drove it home that he was prepared to go all the way.

    If you ever get round to Nightmare of Nunnally it’d be brilliant – I’ve always wondered if that one is good or not.

  2. I remember when I first saw this part in the Anime and being so shocked by how fast Lelouch stepped up from thinking about how he resented the Britanians to suddenly killing Clovis. I’m really looking forward to getting back to reading this and posting again.

    In terms of Nightmare of Nunnally I think I will be going through that later because I’m starting to get really interested in the other code geass series that are from outside of the main story.

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