Reflection: Maoh Juvenile Remix, Volume 3


I picked up volumes 3, 4 and 5 of this series a couple weeks and only getting around to reading it now.



A lot happens in volume three. It begins with the hostage situation at the petrol station where volume 2 left off. Ando and Inukai come face to face and they struggle to each have the situation end they way that they intend. Following the hostage situation Inukai and Ando have a meeting and Inukai tells Ando that he believes that it is his destiny to change the world, and that Ando’s destined to try and stop him. A few new characters are also introduced in this volume. Anderson, the son of Mr. Anderson of the Anderson group (I’ll say Anderson one more time for good measure here) joins Ando’s class while his father works in Japan. Anderson has no interest in his father’s corporation and is much more interested in becoming friends with Ando and plans to open an English tutoring school after finishing school. Another new character introduced towards the end of the volume is the Hornet girl. To say she’s weird is a bit of an understatement. Her sole purpose is to hunt down and kill the grasshoppers, as well as anyone else who gets in her way.


My Opinion:

I’m starting to get a little bored of the series. More and more characters are being introduced and the story is all over the place. There has been so much build up in the first few volumes and nothing really has happened. So many characters keep returning, but none have really been developed. We know Junya is Ando’s brother, but nothing else really. Characters come and go and nothing really happens. There’s so many characters that enter the story then disappear and just leaves you trying to figure out what’s happening.



I’m through three volumes of a total of ten. The story might improve and something actually happening. I have up to volume 5 here so I’ll keep reading but I can’t see myself buying anymore of the series as long as it keeps going the way it is. Give it a shot if you want. The concept is very good, but the execution has really held it back in my own opinion.




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