Reflection: Maoh: Juvenile Remix, Vol. 1+2



I recently picked up the first two volumes of this series on a whim in a comic book shop. Never heard of the series at all and don’t really know what drew me to it, but thought I’d give it a go. Quite a decent story and I’ve already got a couple more volumes that I’ll have to read over in the near future.



Maoh Juvenile Remix is an adaptation of a Japanese short novel by Kotaro Isaka. This adaptation was written and illustrated by Megumi Osuga for Shonen Sunday. The complete series has been published by Viz in ten volumes.

The setting for this manga is the city of Nekota which is being threatened by modernisation and widespread crime. The main antagonist is a young man by the name of Inukai who leads a team of vigilantes to put an end to the crime and monopolisation of the city. His group will apparently stop at nothing to achieve their aims, really being nothing short of a terrorist organization.

The main character, Ando, is a high school student who has the ability to make others say whatever he is thinking. Like Inukai and the grasshoppers, Ando opposes the way his hometown is being transformed from the quiet little city it always was. However, he also sees the actions of the grasshoppers as being over the top and refuses to condone to their actions. The series follows his attempts to protect his city from both big business and vigilante group.  


My Opinion:

I think this series really has potential and as I’ve mentioned above I wasted no time in buying more copies. The story is quite interesting in how the main villain of the series is acting to achieve the same aims as the main character, and it is the means of achieving these aims that prevents them from cooperating with each other.

The first two volumes for the most part have just been building up the story. A few small incidents occur during them, but you just know that there are bigger things to come. I am really interested to see how Ando can manage to use his ability for the greater good. It’s not really a gift that you would think would be of too much assistance in changing the world such as Lelouch’s geass in Code Geass. The fact that it isn’t exactly the best ability that has appeared in manga  makes it all that more interesting in my opinion.



Check this series out. It’s got all the good stuff you want from manga; good vs. evil, evil vs. eviler, terrorism and assassins to name a few. The length of the series is also ideal, it’s not so long that you’re going to spend years collecting the volumes, but not so short that you won’t build an attachment to the characters. Honestly, it’s far from the best series I’ve seen recently, but that by no means is to say that’s not worth checking out.





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